A longer tip to buy Madden 20 Coins
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Sports games have been trying to attract the attention of mainstream players for a long time, and in recent years, sports games have been rising in the rankings of games enjoyed and played by all people, not sports fans. Madden NFL 20 is another emerging game in the game industry. Its predecessor has made some excellent improvements, not just a decent game.

Although Madden NFL is still unable to be used as a graphics benchmark in today's era, it has made great progress not only in improving game playing methods and visual effects.

The game may have made great progress in graphics, but EA is based on graphics because its selling point is ridiculous. As the latest game in the series, it is thought to look better than its forerunners. NFL 20 operates at 60fps on both current generation consoles.

The Xbox one version of the game has some problems in maintaining frame rate consistency, but it will not have any adverse impact on the gameplay. Still, sometimes it's obvious. Xbox one's version of the game also seems to have better lighting effects, which makes it look richer, while PS4's version of the game is a bit depressing.

Choosing one platform over the other is more of a choice question than which platform to use to better improve the environment. It seems that there are already multiple samples of AA, and both platforms have tried their best to avoid sawtooth. In no case will you end up complaining about the poor implementation of anti aliasing.

It has been reported that the frame rate of PS4 has decreased during the online game. It was pointed out that the main culprit was the continuous maintenance of PSN. In addition, the games on the two consoles do not appear to differ. The game uses 3D turf, which really makes the playground a great choice.

Developers have focused on additional on-site assets, including crowds, photographers, backup players and stands. People have all kinds of clothes, although their reactions are different, but not many of them. This resulted in many people sitting in the audience doing the same action at the same time. Still interesting.


The photographers and reporters on the sidelines, though not very active, provided enough details to make them almost the most active part of the game. Bench players and coaches receive the same attention as live players; they have excellent texture, good shadow mapping and different responses to changing situations in the game, which really add to the experience of the game.

A longer tip, but perhaps the most useful tip: you can buy 200 durability of 200 gems twice a day (the price will rise for the rest of the day after that). So, you can easily say 1 endurance = 1 gem = 100 COINS (Madden Mint is actually more like 105 MUT coins per endurance, but it's easier to use 100). That is to say, you have accumulated a lot of gems. If you want to be the most cost-effective product, you can only spend 400 endurance every day. In addition, it will be very time-consuming to use 400 endurance every day. So I set the value of the gem at 75 coins each. This gives you a benchmark for evaluating your purchase decision.

For example, suppose a legendary player needs 10200 physical strength (this is the actual number). It takes 1.02 million coins to calculate one endurance with 100 coins. You can buy them at a much cheaper price than ah, so they are not worth it in terms of pure cost-effectiveness.

Or, let's remember the extraordinary packaging of each 500 gemstones. Suppose you buy them just to get a phemon opportunity, and phemon's average price on ah is about 500000. 500 gems (75 coins each) are worth 37500 coins. In order to make the package worthwhile, you have to consider the chance of pulling at least 37.5k / 500K = 7.5%. Now, we don't know the exact opportunity, but we can say for sure that's not that high. So it's not worth it.


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