Next month's "Path of Exile" will receive major content updates
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Grinding gear announced that next month's "Path of Exile" will receive major content updates, including new leagues, skills and accessory gems, as well as scale changes.

You can view the talisman challenge leagues in the trailer above. For players seeking different challenge levels, they are divided into standard teams and iron teams. Each team has different economies and talisman groups. When you defeat monsters under the influence of monsters, you will get amulets, which will improve your ability.

You can also sacrifice one level of amulet to summon the monster possessed by the next level of amulet. When you sacrifice the third level scenario, you will open a portal to the most powerful talisman owned by wolygwald the wolf king. Here's how Abrasives describe amulets:

The amulet is infused with the power of first first first, the original gods of the ancient creature ezomytes. War shattered creatures are instinctively attracted by these artifacts and the wild energy they give them.

These leagues have 32 challenges, and you get a rigwald suit for every 8 challenges you complete, and you can buy poe currency cheap.. You will also collect fragments of the totem that challenge your hiding place.

Eight new skills gemstones include three bow and arrow skills (shrapnel shooting, storm and siege orb cannon), two physical damage spells (blade swirl and sword drop) and three kinds of chaos damage spells (infectivity, essence, water and withering). You may be able to guess the effect of these spells from their names, but check out the full text for more information about them and how the new accessory works.

The update will be released on December 11, with more patches indicating ongoing work and details of the next major expansion of the Path of Exile, which will be released early next year.


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