When a zone receives a incentive due to a lot of Dofus Kamas
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When a zone receives a incentive due to a lot of Dofus Kamas player action inside, a period anomaly is very likely to appear. The more the penalty is powerful, the more this anomaly is very likely to appear. When the time anomaly appears, it is observable by all the Dofus players of the host through the map of the planet or by any zaap via a dedicated interface. The anomaly is materialized at the Zaap degree of the area. It then takes on a fresh look easily indicating the presence of the anomaly. In the event the area doesn't have Zaap Zaap stays will be generated in the area so that the anomaly is available. This anomaly may also occur at the Zaap. This seems to depend on the area concerned.

These bonuses are common but there are combat modifiers that are contingent on the keeper present in the temporal anomaly. You will not find the combat modifiers during your adventures in locations that are unstable. When the temporal anomaly materialized, go to enter it. Inside, you'll arrive in a random location or time. There are 10, and every place or time is linked to a Krosmoz personality who functions as a protector of this temporal anomaly. It's this goalkeeper you will have to conquer in order to allow the anomaly along with the associated playing region to come back to stability. For more information on these guardians, go to the"Monsters & Guardians" tab and also for most of the bonuses of monsters and modifiers in combat, visit the"Zone Modifiers" tab.

When the keeper of the anomaly has been defeated, then there is a counter set up signaling the final of this anomaly. This counter is fixed and can be 30 minutes. The period will shut and won't be accessible by the Dofus players, the Dofus game area will regain its stability and creatures will no longer gain from bonuses or modifiers. The Dofus players who will participate in the final of a temporal anomaly (= conquer its protector ) will be able to obtain two sources: the Time Loop along with the Timeless Loop. These are two sources which will be necessary to Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale create Potions to the pets, Montiliers and Montures to earn Legendary Bonuses.


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